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Cleveland Students Tour “Compassion Experience”

Students from the St. Gregory of Narek Church (Cleveland, OH) toured a traveling exhibit called “The Compassion Experience” last week, and gained an insight into what daily life is like in the developing world.

Through interactive displays, the St. Gregory church school students heard stories of other children living in impoverished countries, saw replicas of local homes and schools—and were encouraged to think about the blessings in their own lives. The class trip was part of the parish’s observance of Lent, organized by Yn. Naira Sargsyan.

Pastor Fr. Hratch Sargsyan was touched by the response of the St. Gregory students. “Everyone took many lessons from this outing,” he said. “Namely, to be grateful for everything we have; to share the blessings God has given us; and most of all, to know that Christ has plans for us, and we need to trust his presence in our lives.”

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