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Online Worship Schedule

In light of the continued impact of COVID-19 and guidance from our Primate, we will be adjusting our worship schedule. For the next two months, we will celebrate Badarak once a month at our church. The other three Sundays, we will observe night and morning services at the church. We encourage our parishioners to worship from home and view our Diocese’s live stream of Badarak on Sundays. Streams can be accessed over the St. Vartan Cathedral Facebook page.

We will be celebrating Badarak (attendance still limited to the priest and 4-5 deacons and choir members) on May 10 (Mother’s Day) and May 31 (Pentecost). All other Sundays will be night and morning services (Zhamerkootyoon). All our services will continue to be livestreamed as well, with Fr. Hratch sharing a short message and blessing after each service. These will be streamed to our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Please reach out to Fr. Hratch or the Parish Council with any questions.

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