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Empowering Educators: A Comprehensive Workshop on the Armenian Genocide and Its Relevance Today

On June 13 and 14, St. Gregory Armenian Church proudly hosted a workshop titled “The Armenian Genocide and its Relevance Today,” facilitated by the Holocaust and Genocide Education Network (HGEN). This workshop aimed to educate educators about the Armenian Genocide. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ara Bagdasarian and Raz Pounardjan for their tireless efforts in coordinating this event and hosting the distinguished guests. We were also deeply moved by the participation of several Armenian community members who shared poignant, real-life insights and personal stories that deeply resonated with the workshop’s themes.

The first day of the workshop offered an enriching overview of Armenian culture, history, and spiritual life. The Sargsyan sisters, Tatev and Mane, delivered an engaging and informative PowerPoint presentation that delved into Armenian culture, heritage, including its music, cuisine, history, and the general geography of the region. This was followed by an insightful church tour led by Fr. Hratch Sargsyan, who eloquently explained the icons, symbolism, and unique aspects of our Armenian Apostolic Church and faith.

The day continued with Misty Ebinger, a social studies teacher from New London, Ohio, who shared her invaluable insights on teaching the Armenian Genocide. Drawing from her personal visit to Armenia, she provided a compelling narrative of its culture and history. After enjoying a delectable lunch prepared by Nana Koch, the group visited the Armenian Cultural Garden to view its monuments. Suzelle Avitsian, the ACG president, provided a fascinating presentation on the history behind each monument. Read more

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